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Tomas Hanus-ARNI-European Champion in longbow of the association IFAA 2014, WA 2012, World Vice-Champion of the association WA 2013

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In today modern society, Archery could simply be viewed as another needless activity, but with the mounting stress of today’s modern world, the sport archery can bring about many peaceful experiences. Archery helps with concentration and self discipline; two fundamentals that archery, as in life you can’t be without.

Classic Olympic sport archers and back-yard enthuses alike were impressed by a style called “Instinctive Archery”. Instinctive Archery is most commonly seen in the USA for hunting practice. Bow hunting in our country is prohibited, but as a sport, it is growing intensively. Instinctive Archery is also called “3D shooting” (shooting to polyurethane targets – wild animals in life size), which very closely simulates hunting in a natural environment (see photo-gallery), while providing us a glimpse of the hunter’s excitement. Of course this style is the most sensitive to nature. One of the most known propagators instinctive archery is Fred Asbell. He practices instinctive archery with a series of so called traditional bows, mostly wooden bows without any sight, putting the sport back in archery. Our company understands the true sportsman in you; and we can provide you with all the necessary information regarding style and construction of our hand-made series of bows.



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