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Bows from top worldwide producers are made from a wide variety of materials (fiberglass, glue, carbon). The cores of our bow are made with maple lamellas grinded to a cleat (which is cardinal importance for quality function of shoulders). The bow shoulders can also be braced with carbon, which mainly assists with torsion rigidity. The whole core is then fitted within two laminated lamellas. The Tips are constructed of carbon plate with decorative and hardy wood species. The center part of the bow is made from hard wood species to your specification. Custom made bows for an individual shooter gives you the possibility to create your handle (grip) to your specific body type and style. We can “sow” it to your measurements, the same way a new suit is created by a professional tailor. It is good to have appointment for testing your bow, during its production and before its final processing, to ensure a perfect fit. It is also possible to try your bow’s features at our spacious shooting range on the production site.


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