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There are several well known and lesser known worldwide producers of similar bows; and each producer offers something special within their area of expertise.

The decision making process when selecting a particular bow is a question of priorities that can result in compromises. We couldn’t find any domestic or international producer to give us the perfect bow without these compromises so we choose to go “our own way” and constructed our very own “ideal” bow. During the construction and design process we minimized the number of compromises and put together the best construction elements and finishing details to create an esthetically perfect bow.

We produce each bow with exceptional care and balance function with beauty.

Construction concept of the Jekyll

Jekyll is a hybrid bow. Its strong reflex deflection shoulder tracts connect the extraordinary advantages of a long reflex bow.

The primary advantages are the smooth flow of the draw curve without noticeable progressive “stacking” and calm quiet shot without an unpleasant “hand shock” and bow-string vibration to shoulders.

Shooting accuracy and compensation, for minor shooter mistakes, are unbelievable!

The shot speed is only couple ft/s slower than top reflex bows, but much faster than common longbow or run of the mill reflex bows. Shooting with heavier hunting arrows will result in lower arrow speed than that in reflex bows.

Shoulders are wide and thin with a fluent expanding reflex from the middle to the shoulders’ end; due to the efficient usage of modern materials (glass or carbon laminates). This flow of the shoulders’ allows progressive narrowing and thinning of the shoulders toward the ends – which together with trapezoidal profile lowers the bow’s overall weight.

The bow’s center of gravity and grip center are almost the same, which allows for a lower “longbow” hold. A higher “pistol” hold is also possible.

  • The grip shape can be custom fitted to the future owner, with a short visit to our factory required.
  • The “Classic” design has a window cut 1/16 from the bow’s axis which provides wide space for harmonization of bow and arrows. In the event of a change in the thickness side stowing and, as a plus, it fulfills the rule limits IBO for the Longbow category.

Bow-string is always a very important part of any bow, and deeply influences its performance.
At present we explicitly recommend the Fast Flite Plus bow string from 16 threads for bows 45# – 65#. For thinner bows 14 threads, for stronger bows 18 threads.
We highly recommend provide the bow with vibration shockers: in the form of a woolen knob and others similar devices. One bow string with knobs is supplied with every bow for free.

Jekyll Series

  • “The Classic” has a typical grip type “locator grip” with window and outstanding shelf for positioning the arrow.
    You need to specify left-handed or right-handed design!!!
  • “The Trad” has a leather grip without window equipped a distinctive rest for arrow.
    You can think which hand to use after the fact.

Recommendation for Jekyll

Bow’s length: Maximum draw tension: Height of bow-string:
60" up to 26" 6.25" to 7.0"
62" up to 29" 6.5" to 7.25"
64" up to 32" 6.75" to 7.5"


The above statements about number of strings in a bow-string, height of bow-string and size of absorbers on the bow string are only recommendations and are subject to personal bow set up. Changes to these recommendations can in some cases result in better and quieter bow set up according to your shooting technique and arrow selection.
Ideal total weight of a bow is 9 to 10 grns/lb bow’s actual tension, for hunting and more. With the choice of heavier arrow a longer Jekyll will perform the best.
Minimum bow’s weight is 8grns/lb bow’s actual tension!!!

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