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Why to pay extra for carbon?

Our research indicates that bows from the high top carbon models are 5 to 10 ft/s faster than bows of glass models.

  • The comparison was made with bows of draw tension 53 lb, weight of arrow 9grns/lb and discharging with fingers.
  • Arrow speeds were between 185 up to 193 ft/s.
  • Bows with carbon feel nicer and give a clearer sharper shot without tingling and additional vibration.
  • Additionally, some producers claim carbon as an addition to glass on both sides of shoulders are simply marketing fairy-tales about higher speed and better stability.

In the majority of cases this type of construction causes a gain in total weight of the shoulders especially if carbon is under the layer of decorative plywood. The bigger problem is that closer the carbon layer to the shoulders center (neutral to plane of flexion) means less shoulder participation in production and there is less usage of such a great quality of the product.
We chose to substitute glass with lighter and dynamically better carbon.

This way we are respecting the qualities of carbon and we are using its possibilities to our favor. The high flexibility module in draw and low rigidity in pressure designates carbon to be used for „backing“ and also eliminates to be used for „belly“.

Whereas combination of carbon with glass on both shoulders sides; perhaps even in the center of shoulders are only “cosmetic” improvements without higher influence on bow’s speed; our combination of materials with bamboo shoulder’s core brings real improvement!

However Carbon is expensive and work with this material is demanding for diligence and accuracy. The aspect of difficult working conditions is also the reason of higher price. Thank you for your understanding and we can guarantee that the extra money will return to you in more pleasant sensation during shooting and better results.


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