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Material versions-prices

Rates bows determine two main items:

1) Material arms:

a) fiberglass (back and abdomen, English "back and belly")

b) Carbon and fiberglass (back carbon fiber, fiberglass belly)

2) Material of grip:

Forehead grip:

a) the bamboo

b) the fiberglass

Composite reinforcement:

a) fiberglass

b) Carbon and fiberglass laminate


a) Solid

b) bamboo

c) the stabilized wood

d) fiberglass

Price range according to the material used:

Prime: 190 € (it is produced in only one variant, see photo)

Scalpel: from 375 € to 485 €

Jekyll: from 375 € to 810 €

Charon: from 375 € to 1.010 €

Satori: from 535 € to 1.010 €



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