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Arni Target System (ATS)

Arni´s choice: Efficient Practice

Each of us would appreciate if their practice situations resembled those in a real competition event. „Now, the problem has been solved for you. YATE company took my ideas and experience seriously and has come out with ATS targets. They used the same technology like with the popular Outdoor targets but ATS targets imitate animal torso. Four loops on the sides of each target make them easy to carry around and to attach them with some flexible rubber cords to the trees. Low weight is another ATS targets advantage which will boost your practice efficiency and intensity. It means you can easily carry two targets on your back, fix them up somewhere in the terrain and start shooting. Immediately, you will forget about the situations in the past when you shot up-hills, travelled to pull out the arrows and went on to shoot down-hills from another position. Two targets will safe you trouble with making unnecessary “trips”.

Myself, I used the trial series of ATS targets in preparation for ME IFAA 2014 and it worked well for me. Let´s hope it works for you as well. Arni“

SAFETY NOTE: Respect all safety rules for archery and laws of the country you are in.


more photos by Wolf Heidenreich



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